Peter Nixon

Peter Nixon was born in Lytham St. Annes in the county of Lancashire, England in 1956. As a child, Nixon was always attracted to Art. He began drawing when he was 5 years old and went to a museum for the first time when he was 9 (The Royal Academy of Art in London) where he experienced Da Vinci’s “Virgin and St. Anne” and “Virgin and Child.” These drawings had a profound effect on Nixon’s artistic development.

Nixon says he paints in a curiously contradictory state of mind, both relaxed but stimulated, drifting but disciplined. He says that he is mostly unaware of what he is doing and makes his decisions instinctively depending what is happening on the canvas achieving what he calls a ‘flow’ of creativity. His studio is the top floor of his home in London reached by 42 steps. The artist jokes that he gets his exercise by perpetually forgetting things at the bottom of the stairs, forcing him to run up and down all day. Filled with books, pictures and music, he calls his studio his haven which overlooks a leafy park in the centre of London.

Nixon’s images speak of peace, harmony and a celebration of the positive attributes of the human condition. His approach is innovative in his use of classic methods in contemporary contexts. When he draws a line he wishes it to have a flow that it suggests an ease and unforced naturalism but coupled with accurate depiction.


Peter Nixon is born in Lytham St. Annes in the country of Lancashire, England.

Begins Drawing

Nixon begins drawing at the age of 5.

First Museum Visit

Nixon visits his first museum at the age of 9, the National Gallery and Royal Academy of Art in London, where he experienced Leonardo’s “Virgin and St. Anne” and “Virgin and Child,” having a profound effect on his artistic development.

Begins Art Education

Nixon takes a foundation course at Blackpool College of Art and Design. He completes his education at Bath Academy of Art, where he is influenced to involve movement in his works after auditing dance courses and studying the dancers’ figures and poses.

Begins Work with Park West Gallery

Nixon begins working with Park West Gallery.

"Moon Triptych" Series

Nixon creates his “Moon Triptych” series.

“It’s much harder to paint ‘happy,’ so I wanted to do subjects about wonder, the wonderful things in life – joy, enthusiasm, listening to music, falling in love – and that became the basis of the themes of the paintings.”